Walk this way…part 6… use accelerated learning principles

walk this wayThis is the sixth in this new series of blogs called “Walk this way”, where I am inviting you, the reader, to follow my view on what a good approach to learning would look like.

Here is an overview of the whole approach, showing clearly the 6 steps.IMG_5170

This time we will look at the 6th step – “Learning interventions are underpinned by accelerated learning principles*“.

*5 secrets of accelerated learning

My business is called “How to Accelerate Learning” and so obviously I am an advocate of accelerated learning:

  • Because it delivers results
  • It incorporates the latest thinking about learning in the best way possible (for maximum retention)
  • It incorporate great objectives as part of the process
  • It is creative, engaging and fun!

Key statistics about what accelerated learning can deliver

  • 300% improvement in retention by learners (Eliot Masie)
  • 30% cut in trainer prep time (Debbie Meddins, Atos L&D Manager after AL workshop)

If you would like to know more about The Learning Loop® and this approach, then please contact me. Or better still, consider booking onto one of the open Learning Loop courses or come to one of our Showcase events.

This is the final blog in a series of six.

“Walk this way” – the whole blog series.

©Krystyna Gadd 2016


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