Walk this way…part 5….. an explicit objective setting process

walk this wayThis is the fifth in this new series of blogs called “Walk this way”, where I am inviting you, the reader, to follow my view on what a good approach to learning would look like.

Here is an overview of the whole approach, showing clearly the 6 steps.IMG_5170

This time we will look at the 5th step – “There is an explicit and practical objective setting process“.

Of those people that know me well, no one would deny that I am “hot” on objectives, some might say to the point of obsession. I make no excuses for this because I truly believe that in L&D we should always “Begin with the end in mind”, as Steven Covey said. I just checked my blog history and 16 of my blogs have a mention of objectives, including one writes for consultants asking “Are you too expensive?” and another asking “Do you know how to be objective?”, which checks to see if you know the difference between aims, organisational objectives, performance objectives and learning objectives.

So why this obsession with objectives and objective setting? Well let me first put it into context, it has to be as part of the whole approach – objective setting units own will not yield results if the previous 4 steps are missing. It will however give focus to learning as part of this approach that I am putting forward. Quite simply, by having an explicit objective setting process that everyone uses, we can drill down to;

  • What the organisation needs (by looking at organisational goals and plans)
  • Select which aspects of performance you need to improve (with line managers)
  • Design the learning outcomes you need to meet the organisational needs

So here is a short video that may help you  in this topic. Would love to hear your thoughts about the importance of objectives.

This is the fifth blog in a series of six.

“Walk this way” – the whole blog series.

If you would like to know more about The Learning Loop® and this approach, then please contact me. Or better still, consider booking onto one of the open Learning Loop courses or come to one of our Showcase events.

©Krystyna Gadd 2016


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