Imagine ALL you are allowed to do is ask questions

IMG_1635What I love about the L&D community and social media are how they come together and rise to a challenge. This week, on LinkedIn and Twitter, I posed a question, which you can see clearly in this picture. Here in this blog, I have collated a great list of questions from this thread to share with you all. I hope they will help you. If you are in L&D pose some great questions of your stakeholders to help L&D be great change partners.

So here are the questions and their authors:

Sue Murfet: ‪Why?

Mark Jones:‪ What’s the outcome?

‪Michelle Spencer‪: What causes you to struggle or become frustrated?

‪Joanna Leckie‪: What do you want to achieve?

‪Garry Boon:‪ Would you look back on this in five years and say “that was the right choice?”

Niall Lavery‪: How are you going to be the best that you can be?

Gillian Gustar‪: I really like the question Garry proposes….bit of a different way of thinking about it. I’d probably ask something like ‘what is the best experience of learning you’ve had before?‪

Ben Palmer: ‪”How creative can we be”

Paul Morgan:‪ How can I help you solve your business problems

‪Peter Davies‪: Why?

Paul Morgan:‪ My other one is …How can we become impossible to

Niall Gavin:‪”What’s the least I can do to help you solve your business problem/s

‪Sarah McIlwaine: ‪How can I help you get where you need to be?

Paul Haywood: ‪What’s the problem you’re trying to fix and how will you know you’ve been successful

Malini Patel: How will you value your L&D department? Followed up with… What will do that for us a business? Followed up with… When shall we start collaborating to achieve that?

Malini Patel: What will that do?

‪Keith Hay: ‪How would you like us to support you to succeed?

Ana Teresa Calles: Why do you need me (L&D)?

Richard Hand‪: How would you like your company to think and feel in one year from now?

‪Scott Watson: ‪Why do we continue to focus on ‘delivering training’ without first clearly establishing and understanding what likely, and actual value, is to be delivered for the organisation?

Paul Tran‪: What’s it going to take for us to add value to your work and life today?

Claire Silvester‪: What do I need to keep on doing to keep you engaged ?

Freddie Guilmard: ‪What difference is this going to make?

Glen Butler: ‪What does the very best version of you look like?

Dan Walker‪: “How are you feeling?”

Steve Roberts: ‪Fast forward 6 months, what would you see happening that’s different to today?

Galal Salih:‪How could you add value?

‪Jeanette Salmon: Why are you here?

Daniel Harding: ‪What does a successful, exciting and fulfilling day at work look like for you?

Mark Jones: ‪How and where are you going to apply what you have learned? how will you know it has worked?

Adrian Stokes: What have you tried before? What are you trying to resolve (followed by at least 5 why’s)? What would happen if we did nothing? What would happen if we fixed it? How is this going to impact on business performance? How will you measure it? Who is accountable for any change? What resources are you and I going to need to put into making sure it works? What will be the early signs of success or failure? Are you absolutely SURE you need my help?

Scott Barnfield:You have a magic wand that can remove all barrier Now……what can you achieve?”

Liz Ford: What would you like to have happen?

Please keep adding yours and if they are unique I will add them to this great list. Thanks for all your contributions!


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