Rich and layered as any good chocolate cake should be

IMG_1363Imagine this; eating a wonderful chocolate cake. Sumptuous light sponge, with melt-in-the-mouth ganache and a sprinkle of  bitter dark chocolate curls……..every woman’s dream cake…..but wait this is not a cookery blog! We are talking about training environments here…

So how does your training environment compare? Is it:

  • A dropped scone – always consistent but flat and bland?
  • A ginger cake – a hint of spice, but nothing to blow your socks off?
  • A meringue – full of promise, sweet, but not fulfilling?

I love it when someone walks into my training room, there is that pause, when they look around and sometimes they say the “Wow!” out loud. This is when I know that I have their attention. We are all playful by nature and the promise of play releases dopamine into our bloodstream, this has the effect of engaging us and getting our attention.

So I would describe my training rooms as playful, appealing to something deep within us. Not childish but evoking that childlike curiosity and playfulness.

Once we have our learners attention,when they walk into the room – where will we take them? How will we draw them in and arouse they curiosity?  The environment is richly layered (more chocolate torte than fruit cake) and starts way before they have entered the room. You can start with understanding the needs of the learners and seeing how the learning can be tailored to fit those needs. You can also accommodate their needs in the design of activities and room layout. This is not one-size fits all approach, if you truly want your learners to be at their best.

In short, attending to the environment and considering how people learn can prepare them to learn. If your learners are not engaged then the experience will not yield the results you all desire. If you would like to know more about how to creat e great learning environment while achieving your business results, then why not come on the The Learning Loop® or attend one of our Showcase Events? Here is a short video of the last Showcase Event “LNA – what your mother never told you”.


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