You can lead a horse to water…

Pictures - 42You can lead a horse  to water…says the old proverb. But leading a horse anywhere is really difficult if you don’t approach it properly; and without cruelty you can’t make them do anything. So the key is to encourage them and have their interests at heart.

The same could be said about people, although their motivations will be different. For example; how do you get people to accept positive change? You have to show them there is a better way.

For example; we have had technical trainers attend The Learning Loop® who need to deliver essential regulatory information or foundational technical know-how. You almost certainly will have attended these mandatory courses…140 pages of densely packed PowerPoin that has to be delivered in two hours (because that’s how much time is allocated). Best get it done while they are asleep after lunch then!

Is there a better way? You can lead learners through encouragement and what better way than to provide learning that is fun and gets them using their own experience as well as learning from their peers. We have numerous such success stories where the facilitator learns that a few hours of boredom can be transformed into fun learning that boosts retention and actually make a difference to the organisation.

So when thinking about how you lead your “horses”  – do it using accelerated learning principles:

  • Make sure you are doing it for the right reasons and they know what is in it for them(Business focussed and learner centred)
  • Facilitate rather than train (tug gently on the reins when needed)
  • Get to know what each horse needs if you can (Needs analysis?)
  • Make the stable look inviting – arouse their curiosity
  • Understand the “horse” brain and how it works so that you can make the most of your time together

“So is this it?” you might ask?

“Neigh!” has to be my reply….. it is just the start…


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