Accelerated learning or accelerated stupidity? Which will you choose?

questionI love going to Salts Mill in Bradford. It is such an inspiring place. Titus Salt was a radical of his time and imbedded the change he wanted to see in his organisation by looking after his employees to a degree none of his peers did.

Most businesses seem to have been through unprecedented change over the last 150 years, which we feel is accelerating, yet I wonder if L&D have kept up sufficiently with this change?

To keep L&D from advancing, are companies deploying Accelerated Stupidity? It does not sound like an award winning idea does it? Yet many companies don’t get the best out of their L&D budget because of the obstacles put in the way of workplace learning and it operates like Accelerated Stupidity!

So what is Accelerated Stupidity all about, you may ask?

Business Environment

  • No strategic link between organisational performance and learning, hence no real analysis of needs
  • Little or no link between L&D and ROI
  • Lack of real objectives that link L&D with organisational outcomes

Learning environment

  • Lack of appreciation as to how important it is
  • Little or no budget to make it conducive to learning
  • A fear that any hint of “fun” will be frowned upon (and it is!)

Business Accountability

  • Business sees learning as a way to improve efficiency and effectiveness, without considering if it CAN help!
  • Lack of business follow-up on any learning interventions
  • Lack of line manager follow-up to imbed learning

L&D Accountability

  • Happy sheets can sometimes be the only measure of learning outcomes.
  • L&D is off onto the next project, as soon as the ink is dry on the happy sheets, without reflecting on how their processes can be improved.
  • L&D does not always speak the language of the stakeholders and so misses the point.

So what can you do? How can we make L&D more effective and raise the profile of L&D professionals? Help your business to stop deploying Accelerated Stupidity and make the strategic link between L&D and business performance. Then we might see some real change that will be exciting and meaningful for both L&D and business.

The Learning Loop® offers L&D professionals, L&D Managers and anyone who trains as part of a role to do the following:

  • Learn how to determine the business need before any design begins
  • Design using quickly and creatively using accelerated learning principles
  • Deliver with in the best possible way to maximize retention
  • Learn how to demonstrate the value of learning to the stakeholders

See our website for more details of events





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