Why corporate L&D needs to change and how

IMG_5820Yesterday I saw Mike Collins of DPG talk about why corporate L&D needs to change and why. It was music to my ears!

The bottom line is…. we as L&D professionals need to get closer to the business. Simple? No? What does that mean in reality?

  • Identifying the key stakeholders and their impact (as well as how supportive they are)
  • Engaging with the stakeholders by speaking their language (£££££ and ROI!!)
  • Asking about business objectives not just learning outcomes
  • Doing a thorough needs analysis (not just an LNA or TNA!)
  • Getting buy-in from the line managers to support and imbed the learning
  • Getting the stakeholders to measure the effectiveness of learning

Don’t know how to do this? Then why not come onto the open workshop for The Learning Loop 29th Feb- 1st March or if you have a team of 6 or more, ask us about in-house workshops.  You will learn about how to become more strategic as well as how to be creative, inspiring and engaging as a facilitator.


2 thoughts on “Why corporate L&D needs to change and how

  1. Hi Krys, thanks for the mention and getting involved in my session. How about taking it further and making it a Performance Needs Analysis (PNA) ??

    • Hi Mike
      It was really good session and I like your thinking. I definitely think there is merit in exploring this. We have in the past been bound by TNA’s and LNA’s. I often say to trainers when doing either of the latter, they should also have in the back of their minds that there may be underlying needs which are not covered under the title of training, learning or indeed as you suggest, performance. For example: A script for a call centre operative may be faulty, relationships that are broken. However as I am writing I am also thinking for a performance needs analysis could you ask questions about: resources, people, processes, skills, attitude and knowledge you need to perform a task? What am I missing? What else could be going wrong and is there anything else not covered by performance?
      Loving the idea Mike!

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