Is your L&D approach a sticking plaster or long term cure?

IMG_0223Picture this scene……… you are called in to see a senior manager(or a regular client)…….. the customer survey results are not good…….. can you run these workshops as soon as possible… everyone needs to attend regardless of experience…..

So what is your immediate response?

  • Option A: “Right away!”
  • Option B: “Can I just get a few more details and then we will be onto it?”
  • Option C: “Could I just have 5 minutes of your time so that we can make sure that we understand the needs and deliver a solution that is going achieve the results you want?”

This last question will make the difference between L&D being seen as a change partner (and long term cure) rather than a sticking plaster (to mask what is really going on).

In real life, a long term cure could be a combination of  a change in diet, an exercise regime new attitude or different treatments. So why is that single approach of “Let’s do some training” so often what is prescribed?

What could you offer as an alternative therapy? Here are just a few of my suggestions:

  • When stakeholders say jump, instead of saying “How high?” ask “Why?”
  • Change your mindset – you are there to help discover the cause and find the best solution by collaborating with the stakeholders. If YOU do not think L&D can be a change partner, then who will?
  • Change the stakeholders mindsets……. adopt an air of curiosity and dig deep to find out the why’s, getting buy-in from them and partnering. Find out what they REALLY need!
  • Ask what change in the organisation they would like to see and how will they measure it

If you would like to adopt this kind of approach, but struggle to convince everyone that this may be a viable alternative, the maybe you need to find out more about the Learning Loop Approach? Maybe you and your team would benefit from the Learning Loop? WE run both open and in-house workshops just check this link to find out the latest news.



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