At the back end….


Today I am with a fab group of trainers in Manchester, looking at evaluation. I asked the group what they thought about evaluation having had time to consider all 4 levels of Kirkpatricks model and so here is an insight shared by one of the participants Adam Gilroy:

“As it is at the back end, we rarely give evaluation the thought it requires and in future I definitely will give it more thought”.

My immediate thought turned to the use of the phrase “the back end” and herein lies the problem. Why are we only considering evaluation at the back-end and not at the front-end?

If we consider evaluation at the front end with needs analysis, we can see what is already in place that we can measure, to help in the evaluation process. Also in this way we can engage stakeholders at the start to support learners in:

  • Pre-work
  • Change in behaviours
  • Post-learning follow up and coaching
  • Measurement of the impact of the learning

So when you think of evaluation in the future, will it be at the back …. or front-end?



2 thoughts on “At the back end….

  1. Hi Krys. Great thoughts. It’s the same with the completion of the evaluation by delegates. If you hand it out at the beginning of the session, and allow time throughout for the completion after each session or subject, then you reduce the superficial responses at the end, gain more information, and can also cut out the ‘running for the train’ delegate who may then give minimal answers of lesser quality. This has worked well for me. Happy blogging!

  2. Thanks Duncan completely agree about the evaluation forms. Great idea!

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