Do you know how to be objective?


In case you had not already noticed, I am a real anorak when it comes to setting objectives…… but in my defence they have to be bang on, don’t they?

This blog is a follow on from my previous post Trainer craft – objective setting and sets out some definitions that will help you determine what sort of objectives you need to set.

Do you know the difference between aims, organisational objectives, performance objectives and learning objectives (or outcomes)?

IMG_0999See if you can match these definitions:

a. Aims

b. Organisational objectives

c. Performance objectives

d. Learning objectives

with these descriptions:

  1. What the learners need to be able to know, do or be by the end of the learning.
  2. A general direction, statement of intention
  3. An objective that states, which aspect of performance in an individual or team will be improved through the learning.
  4. Objectives that define how the organisation wants to improve through the learning process.

and here are some examples:

  • Improve customer satisfaction from 75 to 80% in the 2nd quarter this year.
  • Improve personal timekeeping, reducing incidences of lateness from the current level of 4 times per month to once a month by the end of third quarter of this year.
  • Improve customer satisfaction from 75 to 80% in the 2nd quarter this year.
  • To develop communication skills across all teams

So if the organisational objectives are good….and the performance objectives have been set by the line managers (or other stakeholders)….then you have some chance of setting the correct learning objectives. If these are bang on then ROI and ROE should follow along very nicely!


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