How do we remember?


A few weeks ago I was working with a group of trainers. We played a simple game where I asked them to find 10 objects from around the room. They then had to memorise those 10 objects in whatever way they found most helpful. The object of the exercise was to remember as many of the objects as possible but also, to be mindful of how they were remembering these objects.

It was fascinating to watch. Some worked on their own, some worked collaboratively. Someone noisy, others were quiet. I then asked them to recall as many of the objects as they could. Some recalled them as a group whilst others recalled them individually.

As a debrief, I asked them to share all of their strategies, which they used to help them to remember the 10 objects. As trainers, I also asked them, how many of these strategies they employed when helping their learners to remember key facts. It was surprising how few of these “natural” strategies they used.

Here is a list of some of the strategies they employed:

  1. Grouping
  2. Sequencing
  3. Picturing it
  4. Funny poem
  5. Learning together
  6. Alphabet
  7. Linking
  8. Repetition
  9. Colours
  10. Blank off distractions

So when designing training, where there is a knowledge content, how do you help your learners to remember? Would love to hear your thoughts!


One thought on “How do we remember?

  1. basdenleco says:

    Repetition predominantly

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