Ten ways to accelerate learning you may not have thought of

If we can get up to 100, I thought I could make this into an ebook! What would you add to this?


IMG_0078In this blog, I will discuss 10 very simple, yet effective ways to accelerate learning in a an organisation. For those of you not familiar with accelerated learning, it is sometimes known as brain friendly learning, brain based learning or speed teaching. These tips are based on my “5 secrets of accelerated learning” which I shared in my article “Quick off the mark” for the Training Journal.

So here we go…….

  1. Agree with the stakeholders what the objectives are, so that you get buy-in throughout the organisation. That way line managers get to be part of the process of imbedding the learning. If the line managers are not buying it, then why should the staff? Each year the CIPD do a survey on L&D and the top reason for learning not sticking for many years now has been ” no line manager follow up”.
  2. Ask the learners what they want…

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