Putting on your thinking hats……..

greenhatRecently I was working with a client, running a leadership workshop where we explored different ways of thinking. It really reminded me of what a great tool de Bono’s “6 Thinking Hats” is.


whitehatI used an example of a children’s party to introduce the concepts of different thinking styles to the same situation. Putting on your black hat, might end up with a very boring party and definitely no running around! The green hat would allow you and the child’s imaginations to run riot and have the party of their dreams. The
white hat would be concerned with numbers, names and logistics. redhatRed hat thinking would ensure you considered the emotions and enjoyment of the occasion.

What really worked well in this workshop was then applying the same process to a current project and discussing how the thinking may alter your perspective and/or actions.  Finally we considered if there would be an bluehatyellowhatappropriate order to the thinking hats for their situations. This led to a very interesting discussion with a group of highly technical people, when they realised that they need to use their red hats a lot more, so that they can possible avoid some of the conflicts they are experiencing. This meant that the red hat was dotted at regular intervals in their 6 hats thinking sequence – what a revelation!





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