Trainercraft – practising what I preach?

So far in this series I have shared by thoughts on my 5 secrets of Accelerated Learning, objective setting and setting expectations. So some of you may be asking, “Do you really practise what you preach?”. To answer this question, I thought I would share my experiences from a current project to illustrate the answer and you can make up your own minds…..


For the greater part of this year, I will be working on a Team Leader Development programme for a technology company in Yorkshire. It is a very exciting project as the CEO and Senior Management Team are very motivated to see it through.

This whole programme started with a conversation about requirements, outcomes and what prompted the request for training. This then led to a detailed needs analysis, which uncovered some interesting underlying issues that training alone would never have  addressed.

Learning needs and other needs identified, I presented my findings and discussed possible solutions. This led to an invitation to put together a proposal for the design of a bespoke programme for the 15 individuals involved. The design would be based around ten key areas highlighted during the Learning Needs Analysis.

Before the design work could begin, organisational outcomes were agreed as these would be the bedrock on which the design would sit. Without focussing on what the organisation truly needs, this programme could falter before it even begins. Having agreed the high level outcomes, learning outcomes were then listed and these then were used to come up with a rough outline for a programme lasting 6 months and involving the team leaders, their teams and their line managers and of course the CEO. The outline is seen below.


Is it really necessary to involve all of these people? For the team leaders to make space for learning and change to happen, they need support:

  • From their teams, so they have to delegate certain tasks to them:
  • From their line managers, so that they can help to become the leaders they aspire to and the organisation needs
  • From the CEO, who will “model the way” and will continue to demonstrate great leader skills

I am just about to begin the detailed design of the workshops, using accelerated learning principles, to design them to be “Brain friendly”. I will let you know how it goes. But for the project so far …… how am I doing? Am I practising what I preach?


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