Creativity vs. innovation – a fair fight?

Give your creative super powers a boost!

My latest blogs have been around the subject of creativity and how to improve your own, by looking deeper at Epstein’s definition of the 4 creative competencies

Just to remind you, these are: challenging, broadening, capturing and surroundings. So it got me thinking, okay you can be creative – super creative in fact, but if you do not do anything with your creativity and the ideas you generate, then you will not innovate.

Recently I was speaking to an L&D manager who would like to improve the creativity within their organisation. Is it really creativity that needs a boost or is it innovation? Or both?

I have a belief that most people can be creative in some way or another, what is difficult is putting it into practice – the INNOVATION! By promoting creativity do you naturally promote innovation or do you need to do something else for that?

As a leader in your organisation what are the conditions that you foster to help the incubation and execution of creative ideas?

Are you…….

  • Creative in the way you lead – do you lead by example?
  • Encouraging – when someone comes to you with an idea, what is your response, regardless of how good it is?
  • Judgmental – are you quick to dismiss the idea, because it may not fit in with culture, resources, plans etc?
  • Supportive – in providing the right resources?
  • Promoting a culture where you CAN learn by mistakes?
  • Able to make it a safe place for your team to come up with off-the-wall ideas?

Depending on your answers to these questions, it may get you thinking about your style of leadership and whether you need lessons in creativity or innovation? Or both?

If this is something that is of interest to you, I would love to hear from you and you may be interested in learning more about creativity?

©Krystyna Gadd 2014


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