What did they say about the Learning Loop?

IMG_1961“A great way to train trainers!”

Last week, I met up with a great group of trainers in Summerbridge (near Harrogate) for a meeting of the Yorkshire TJ (Training Journal) online group (run by Shirley Gaston). We spent some time playing the Learning Loop and this was the first time I have run the game with such an experienced bunch of trainers. A little scary to begin with, but they were super and really got into the spirit of the game.

I thoroughly enjoyed the session…… but would you like to hear what some of the others thought of it?

Larry Reynolds was there…. (yes THE Larry Reynolds who wrote “The Trainers Toolkit” with Kimberley Hare) and this is what he said:

And here is another clip from Alex Hewlett, a trainer who “makes sense of finance”:

So has this whetted your appetite for the Learning Loop? If it has then feel free to contact us for a no obligation consultation.


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