Can I persuade you?

jedi32I often say when training trainers, that I will be using my Jedi mind tricks to influence them – if only it were that easy! On the 18th of October I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural meeting of the Brain Friendly Learning Group in Leeds, hosted by Leeds Building Society and run by Stella Collins. The topic was “Principles of Influencing” based on the work of Dr Robert Cialdini.

This is a fascinating topic, because all of us, each and every day need to influence others. One of the first things I learnt which will be of use to everyone is that if we ask for something, for example, cutting into a queue, we are very likely to get it, just because we asked! If we add a “because….” to the request we are even more likely to have our request accepted. How brilliant is that?

So…. could you indulge me a few minutes of your time and read this blog because there will be at least six things you will pick up that you will be able to use?

Stella has met and worked with Dr. Robert Cialdini an expert in the field of “Influence”.  In his book of the same title he names these 6 principles as:

Reciprocity: You give me something and I will give you something in return

Scarcity: Offer something that has a limited life span, limited edition, limited number, it will draw people to that offer

Authority: Establish a position through your knowledge, profession, qualifications etc and people will listen to what you have to say

Commitment: Get someone to agree to commit to one small thing and they will they not hesitate as much to commit to a second (larger) thing

Liking: make friends and influence people! A genuine affinity for someone.

Social proof: Other people have bought into this idea, so why not you?

So let’s see these principals in action:

I would like to persuade you to attend the Learning Loop on the 31st of January in Leeds. Having been a trainer for 20+ years and studied accelerated learning for a number of years (AUTHORITY), I have created the Learning Loop, a creative and innovative way of training trainers. I am passionate about helping trainers become the very best they can be, because I remember so well what it is to be under pressure to deliver training to a short deadline with almost impossible targets (LIKING?).

If I promise to send you a freshly designed training activity every month – would you mind filling in the form below? (RECIPROCITY). Before you make up your mind, you might want to find out what others are saying about the Learning Loop (SOCIAL PROOF).

If you have filled in the form below and are interested in finding out more about the Learning Loop, why not contact me and request a free, no obligation, consultation to where I can help define your needs and explore how the Learning Loop could help you? (COMMITMENT).  I am running an open workshop on January 31st in Leeds and there are only 16 places maximum – some are already booked so to avoid disappointment and find out what offers are available this month get in touch (SCARCITY).

Curious? Persuaded? let’s see if the principles of persuasion have worked, or will I have to use my Jedi mind tricks?


2 thoughts on “Can I persuade you?

  1. That’s really wonderful. I love the principles and the way that you have illustrated them in the context of your work is very good. A small piece with a powerful message.

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