Contemplating resilience…

MyCloudThis week I attended a great meeting at the co-coaching forum (Run through the AC) in Harrogate. I always look forward to these evenings, as it is a safe place to discuss and later practice aspects of my coaching practice.

This months topic was about “resilience” – something I had not really pondered ,nor its importance or relationship to how I operate.

The word cloud above has some of the words which we discussed, which came to mind when people thought of resilience.

Last week I blogged about my experience at the World of Learning, which was very positive, but caused me some anxiety. I shared with a number of people how stressed I had been and got some great feedback as a result. So it got me thinking about my own resilience – in opening myself up to others and sharing my vulnerability, I got some great support and feedback, which has made me more determined to NOT stress so much about up-and-coming events – so in my weakness and vulnerability, have I become more resilient?

“Being real”, as my friend Pete Lodemore described it can be pretty scary, but ultimately, it is what, in this digital age of social media, makes us so human…… and helps us to connect with others…….so come on, let’s get real and make a difference, to not only you, but those around you too!


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