Can a Post-it note save your business?

Where did my post-its go?

How To Accelerate Your Business


What’s the value of a post-it note? Not the cost; they’re less than a penny each (depends how many you buy). And a single post-it is not of much value. Although you may say it depends what is written on it.

The big value is when many of them are used in facilitated meetings. Participants can use them to write ideas on and stick on a wall. As participants join in they can add to them and move them and generate more ideas and collaboration begins. Even quiet people will eventually participate.

When people collaborate they can be more effective. Many years ago my business strategy lecturer asked “What’s the difference between efficiency and effectiveness?”. The answer to that rhetorical question was “efficient businesses who are ineffective just go bust quicker!”. We all want to be more effective don’t we?

A post-it note may not save your business (well not…

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