Is life getting tougher?

IMG_1713Brave little smiley person…… burdened with all those worries, finding life a struggle and yet still managing to smile. Does that remind you of anyone? If it is you and you are a trainer, here are a few little ways that you can help yourself  to work smarter and faster with great results:

  1. Learn about accelerated learning, it can cut prep time down by 30%
  2. Find out who your stakeholders are and who can support you
  3. Set great objectives by engaging with the stakeholder
  4. Ask your stakeholders to prioritise the work according to the needs of the organisation
  5. Learn how to ask great questions to dig to the root of a problem – it might not be a learning need!!!
  6. Think of yourself as a facilitator not a trainer – take the pressure off and share the responsibility of learning
  7. Read short punchy articles on how to be more productive
  8. Join a forum and ask others for advice!
  9. Design some activities that are generic, which can add interest and excitement
  10. Come and meet me at the World of Learning and ASK ME HOW! 1st October in the Experiential Learning Zone



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