A rose by any other name …..

roseWe all have an opinion about the name we were given by our parents – love it, hate it or got used to it. But what about new trends, fads and theories in the grown up professional world that we live in? Are we bothered by the names given? What impact do the names have on how we view these theories and models? Does changing the name make it a different thing?

To give you an example, I am passionate about accelerated learning, which is not JUST about speeding learning up, but also retaining what you have learnt and about the learning experience which involves the learners. Accelerated learning was not devised by any single person or group of people, but has grown like an accumulated wisdom, bringing in experts like Georgi Lozanov, Colin Rose, Roger Sperry, Robert Grinder (he of NLP fame) and Robert Ornstein. People have added to it and brain research has helped it to gain credibility.

So how does it differ to brain friendly learning, or brain based learning or super teaching? When I look at these methodologies I see more in common, than any differences with accelerated learning. They are all “roses by the same name” and they all smell as sweet to me. They all focus on the experience, the way the brain works and how to make learning memorable. So are they all the same to you?

If you want to find out what Krys thinks about Accelerated Learning then read her article on the 5 secrets from the Training Journal or visit her website.

Krystyna will be at the World of Learning 1st of October in the Experiential Learning Zone with her friends from Pearlcatchers. If you would like to join a live demo of the Learning Loop then fill out your details to book a place.



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