THINK before you speak


Years ago, when I was an IT trainer for IBM, I came across many slogans that they used to motivate and inspire their staff. Just today, one came into my mind as I was wrestling with how to tackle a thorny issue with a group of friends that I have.

The issue is not important, but the group of friends are important to me and ensuring it was dealt with sensitively and kindly made me reflect on what I would say as well as how I would say it.

The THINK slogan was turned into an acronym, not by IBM, I might add, which stands for:

When dealing with a thorny issue and thinking about what to say, this filter can help you to decide what you will say and maybe how to say it. Something could be true, helpful, inspiring and necessary without being kind. So, if there is a member of staff you need to deal with, a friend who has upset you or a difficult neighbour, remember THINK before you say anything.

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