A little more about the Learning Loop

A game for trainers

A game for trainers or anyone who delivers learning as part of their role

Just in case some of you are  interested in this and would like to know a little more, let me tell you what the Learning Loop could do for your team and what a day running the game would look like:

We all know that L&D teams can be made of people whose experiences, knowledge and skills vary widely. This can mean that a “whole team” approach to something as important as needs analysis, design, delivery and evaluation are not dealt with in an entirely consistent manner. This can lead to a loss of focus for any learning events or programmes or even, little understanding about the tangible outcomes. This in turn can lead to L&D not gaining the respect and importance it should have in an organisation.

In the past, sending new team members to do a recognised qualification has been the approach used by many organisations and to a degree this can help. The Learning Loop is a completely different approach to trainer training. This innovative game, acts in itself as a “needs analysis” for the team. Split into 2 or 3 groups,  your team will answer questions, firstly on needs analysis, then design, leading onto delivery and finally evaluation. More knowledgeable members of the team, will share their knowledge with the less knowledgeable, whilst also sharing the vision for “how we do it here”.

If at any point a gap is identified in the knowledge or skills of the team – this topic will be “parked”. After an hour of playing the game, the learners will get an opportunity to bridge those gaps, with a variety of resources and activities – I may even chip in myself! Click here for a sneaky peek at one of the many resources that make up the activities.

The game continues, looking at topics such as:

  • Stakeholders and how to engage them
  • The learners – how to appeal to this very diverse group
  • Action planning – what do you or the team, need to do?
  • How to deal with the unexpected
  • How to apply certain models, a little NLP and other such good stuff!

In the afternoon there will be another opportunity to bridge those gaps, but by the end, all the team will have:

  • A better view of their shared vision of “how we want to do it here”
  • Tips, tricks and tools to take away and share (to help in the design and delivery)
  • An action plan of what should be done
  • An identified list of further needs, with some ideas how to address them

This offer is for a limited time only and you have until August 15th to make your booking.

To find out more about it click here!

If you would like to know more fill in the form below and Krystyna will contact you:


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