Launch of the Learning Loop

A game for trainers

A game for trainers

I am so excited to share with you the news of “The Learning Loop” and the first run. This is a game for trainers and L&D professionals alike, which helps them to understand beyond just design principles and delivery. It helps them to become the integrated, strategic business professionals that the current climate is crying out for. Yesterday in Leeds a group of L&D professional took part in the first public run of the game and here is what they said:

“The Learning Loop is a fun, interactive game. It will challenge and refresh your skills and knowledge, regardless of your experience.” Dave Craven, L&D Manager, Cheswold Park Hospital

“The Learning Loop is a fun and interactive way to explore thoughts, ideas and knowledge on analysis, design, delivery and evaluation. Great discussions and points made within the session” Mel Clark, L&D Advisor, WSP Group

“The Learning Loop is a great (and fun) way for L&D professionals to consolidate learning, to learn from each other and pick up new information, techniques and evaluate your knowledge of the learning cycle.” Jackie Astbury, L&D Manager, Chadwick Lawrence LLP.

To find out more click here

If you would like Krys to run a session for you and your team, then get in touch using the contact form below. There are some great time limited offers available at the moment!


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