Is your training like an island?

islandThe delegates have arrived, you have 6 hours to tell them all about leadership skills and they are a little slow in getting the introductions over with. You have a packed agenda, with lots of great activities and at the end of the day, they will have a quiz to see how effective the day has been. This is the first time you are running this course and your reputation is riding on this one – if it is a success, then your status within the organisation will be elevated, if not ………

Does this sound familiar? Do you have a lot of pressure on you as a trainer to get it right first time?

If there is one thing I wish all trainers to know, it would be how to make your lives easier and your training more effective. (oops that’s two things!) Following on from my last blog,  One of the biggest light bulb moments in my career has been that by facilitating rather than training, I get more engagement with the learners.

In shifting from trainer to facilitator there has been another shift, which it took me a while to notice. That shift was, that as I moved away from “training” where all the responsibility for learning seemed to rest with me, the learners took on more responsibility for their own learning. By engaging them, they were more involved in determining what they would take from the learning.

So the first wish: to make your lives easier – let there be a joint responsibility between you, the learners, their line managers (for follow up) and the stakeholders (for scoping) for imbedding the learning and evaluating the effectiveness.

The second wish: making your training more effective – identify real business needs through talking with stakeholders about the knowledge, skills and attitudes required. Engage with the line managers so they know what the learning covers and THEY can help to imbed it.

So this blog was entitled “Is your training like an island?” If the two wishes do not come true, then the answer has to be “yes” and the training/learning you do becomes isolated from the business of your organisation. By granting the two wishes, you build bridges from the island outwards into the business and involve the learners more deeply.

Are there any other ways to ensure that your training is not an island?


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