What inspires you?

IMG_1363Over the last few weeks I have been busy with work but also taking time out to relax. It has made me concentrate on what is really important to me. I love what I do – especially developing trainers, but I also love to walk and bake (not at the same time though!).

One of the key things I have learnt as a trainer is that to be a good trainer/facilitator, you must be able to inspire your learners to learn more – otherwise it feels like it is down to you  to pass your knowledge onto them. So in order to keep fresh and inspirational, you need to take time out to be inspired. Last week I was at the Patisserie Viennoise in Otley, where I had a days chocolate making. Here is what I helped to make (just one of the things!)

The week before we went to Sandsend near Whitby and stayed in Raithwaite Hall – below is the view out of our bedroom window. How lovely are those gardens we looked out onto. Both experiences have been quite different, but have inspired me to ensure a good work-life balance.


I work because I love to inspire others to become better facilitators/trainers, so I need to top-up on the inspiration regularly, so I stay motivated. Baking and the countryside inspire me – keeping in mind that I “work to live” and not the other way around. 

So if you are a trainer, working day in and day out delivering or designing, how do you stay fresh and stay motivated? What inspires you to inspire others?


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