Why I love working with trainers……..funny thoughts from a CIPD student


This week, one of my students from the CIPD Certificate in L&D practice sent this email to everyone…… I had to share as it made me chuckle …….. I hope it makes others chuckle – maybe you did a training qualification some time ago and can identify?

This was written by Jackie Astbury, Training Manager:

12 signs that you are on a CIPD course
1. When you think of models you think about Honey and Mumford or GROW and not the Wonderbra model or the Dolce and Gabbana male model who wears the little white undies in the TV ad.
2. You can’t sleep on a Tuesday night as your mind is all ‘buzzy’….actually ‘buzzy’ is a constant state of mind.
3. You bore other people half silly by going on about the session “And then Lisa said…” And then Krys said…” until said person is in a deep coma
4. The words “I like your flip charts” would be considered a chat up line to you and in fact possibly included in your wedding vows
5. ‘Flip chart envy’ is a very real thing for you. VERY REAL!
6. Your desk at work just isn’t the same without an assortment of pipe cleaners, squidgy toy things that light up, smelly marker pens and the strange springy pop up monster thing.
7. You make strange lists instead of ‘Just doing your b****y assignment
8. You start to invent your own acronyms after ‘acronym overload’ (LNA, TNA, SWOT, VAK,CPD etc.) so IJCAAFTHOI – ‘I’m just creating an acronym for the hell of it’
9. You’re thinking of an acronym right now aren’t you?
10. You believe learning style is a better indication of compatibility than personality or star sign “I can’t go out with you, you are a theorist with an activist rising”
11. You find yourself wanting to coach friends, colleagues, people on Eastenders, people who you overhear talking in a restaurant
12. After talking about use of music in the accelerated learning session you’ve created a virtual play list:
  • Last Trainer to Clarksville – Monkees
  • Honey and Mumford and Sons
  • Crazy in Kolb – Beyonce Knowles Andragogy
  • Learning Style Council
  • Iggy Pop Quiz
  • Can I play with fiddle toys? – Iron-Maide-nice flip-chart
  • Into the GROW-Ve – Mad-onna-flip-chart
  • One vision statement – Queen
  • Simply the PEST/SWOT’s love got to do with it – Tina Turner
  • Cold as ice breakers – Foreigner

No? Oh……just me then!!!!


2 thoughts on “Why I love working with trainers……..funny thoughts from a CIPD student

  1. Lisa says:

    It’s all true! Krys you have created a monster!

  2. It has taken me two days to think of this one……
    “The Powerpoint of love” by Frankie goes to Hollywood…… exhausted now so will leave the funnies to others……

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