Thinking about chocolate… and the brain …. and objectives

chocolateFor Christmas, my lovely husband bought me a day with a chocolatier in Patisserie Viennoise, Otley (West Yorkshire). On Saturday I went in to book my day – ta-dah! It is the 25th of  February and I am so excited!!!!

Eating chocolate releases phenylethamine into your blood stream which is a “happy hormone” you usually secrete in the early and heady stages of a relationship. Looking forward to something also releases a “happy hormone” – dopamine which is associated with receiving rewards and having a reward to look forward to is good for us on so many levels:

  • Firstly it gives us a nice feeling that may distract us from less than pleasant “stuff” that is going on in our lives
  • Secondly it keeps our attention and helps us to get out of the way any mundane tasks that come before the reward

“So Krys, this is a tenuous link” I can hear you saying “between chocolate and objectives?”

Absolutely not! Talking to the owner of Patisserie Viennoise about my “Chocolate day” made me think about what I want to get out of it. Had I not had the conversation, it would no doubt still be a lovely day, but now I know what is in store and it is geared towards my needs, I am keen and eager for the 25th of February. I am hoping to learn how to temper chocolate and create decorations for my cupcakes. I am also hoping to produce a lovely little chocolate cake (decorated in chocolate of course!) and learn other little tricks which will help me use chocolate as an effective (edible) decoration.

Our learners need to know what is in store for them and if possible we should try to meet their objectives too. If they believe we will meet their objectives, how much more will they look forward to the training? How much more will they be bought into it? How much more are they likely to remember?

Your thoughts? I would love to hear them……….

By the way I will let you know what happens on the 25th of February – I asked the owner if he would be weighing me before and after ….. he said not ………:)





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