Am I the worst consultant ever?

Photo on 05-05-2012 at 17.39In the last few weeks I have had a number of meetings with potential clients, looking for me to deliver a specific type of training. In all cases I have come away pleased but not having been engaged (as yet) to do any work for them.

So what am I doing wrong? Surely when a potential client asks for training to be delivered, I should say “of course” and “when would you like it done?”

Instead, I hear myself asking question after question:
“What would you like the learners to know/be/be able to do by the end?”
“How do you know that this is a need?”
“How will you measure success?”
“How will you follow this up?”

……..are amongst some of the questions I ask.

If I were to want to make a quick buck then this is not the right way to go about it. If I want to genuinely build lasting relationships and help trainers truly to become more strategic it might just work. Those organisations that don’t want any awkward questions asking, better not engage me or even meet with me as I just can’t help myself. I am passionate about learning and helping others to learn, but also to help trainers demonstrate their worth within an organisation so that it is NOT the first thing that is cut in a recession. Is anyone else weird like me?


3 thoughts on “Am I the worst consultant ever?

  1. Julie@fuchsiablue says:

    You are not alone! I recently walked away from a piece of work that reeked of sheep dip & short termism and an inflexible client sealed the deal… I was berating myself quietly on the train afterwards… I need to eat, pay mortgage etc….

    And I also need to sleep nights…. I know my conscience would have given me a hard time about working unethically & I’d feel bad about shoddy work & not valuing what I bring….

    It’s an interesting line we dance….

  2. Chris Mooney says:

    Love it! Read this with a smile on my face as I’ve had exactly the same thing. “But all we want is a 4 hour course on…” It seems so easy to just give them what they want but of course you are right to challenge back, that is after all (in my opinion), what you are there to do. All we can hope is that the majority of prospective clients want some healthy challenge and a development experience that does much more than what it might say on the tin!


  3. Love the two comments – the posting was written tongue in cheek and I do speak to internal consultants who have the same dilemma. I wish for them some courage – because without it the reputation of L&D will remain the same.

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