On a scale of zero to yummy …….. thoughts on evaluation

IMG_1287I have a delightful group of students studying their Certificate in Learning and Development Practice and last night we were on the last of the 3 sessions on learning needs analysis. On the first session I had asked them “why is a learning needs analysis like a cupcake?”

For those of you now thinking I have really lost them (my marbles that is!) – a learning needs analysis is like a cupcake because you need the knowledge of the recipe(the LNA methods), the skill of baking them(doing the LNA) and a slight attitude (the sprinkles of course – a bit of creativity to meet those needs).

During the case study, which was on choosing learning methods for specified needs, they demonstrated their creativity, by choosing “no cost” solutions like project work, putting together a presentation and using free online tutorials.

I just wonder whether we could all choose “no cost” solutions like this to boost the credibility of L&D in tough economic times?

As an icebreaker I brought in some homemade cupcakes (see example above – sadly all eaten now) and asked them: “how will you know if these are good?” I asked them this because we all know that when doing an LNA we should always have an eye on the end goal and measures of success – don’t we?


One thought on “On a scale of zero to yummy …….. thoughts on evaluation

  1. Lisa Leckenby says:

    I can confirm that the cupcakes were absolutely delicious! On a more serious note the analogy that Krys gave really helped me to remember the components of a learning needs analysis and it is an example that I used this morning with a team I am currently working with.
    Over the past 2 years I have found that I have to be more and more creative when suggesting learning interventions due to budgets however, it’s amazing what you can do when necessary, I now use microsoft Lync an awful lot and the power of learning in role has been a useful tool.

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