Becoming an inspirational facilitator

I love what I do and finding the time to be creative helps me stay passionate about learning. I am striving to be inspirational, because if I can be others will be inspired to learn. Enthusiasm is infectious! I really had some fun yesterday creating a new video to promote accelerated learning and my webinars. I have always admired M&S as an organisation and this video was inspired by their amazing adverts that they have done.

You might be wondering if it took me a long time to do this video – 1.5 hours in total – was it easy? I used iMovie on my MAC which made it easy – the hardest part was finding the relevant pictures.

I would love to know what you think of the videos below – I have added some other examples of videos I have done in the past – one of them is welcoming participants to a forthcoming workshop.

This one is for the 2 day workshop – so the participants get to hear my voice and interact with me before they come. I used screenr to record it and the slides were in PowerPoint.

This final one is my promotional video for the free webinars I run once a month – details can be found on our website.

This one is not a video, but my slides for the webinar – not using PowerPoint but Prezi. It is great to try out new things to keep it fresh for you as a facilitator:


One thought on “Becoming an inspirational facilitator

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    Any other thoughts from other people about how you inspire others to learn more after the learning event?

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