I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

Well as I start this blog I am quite surprised to find myself here but am more than willing to share why I have decided, at long last to dip my toe in this particular water. My passion is training and has been since I first became an IT trainer over 24 years ago. This was an accidental career change but one that I am so grateful for as it has led to a switch to the soft skills arena (9 years ago) and self-employment (3 years ago).

I am going to have to suspend my natural modesty for a short while, even though it goes against the grain and say I am good at what I do. Words like “inspirational” and “creative” have been used to describe me when I am training. This is where my natural ability lies – finding ways to make the learning innovative, exciting and memorable. I also love to help other trainers discover how they can do this when they are training.

Discovering accelerated learning has helped to keep alive this passion for learning and helping others to learn. It has been the single most influential approach to my development from a trainer to a facilitator. Sounds like semantics, but when I was an IT trainer, I felt my role was to tell people what they needed to know and then help them to remember it.

Since learning about accelerated learning, the focus has shifted and I feel that the most important (not the only!) part of what I do is to motivate and inspire people to learn. To find ways to help them discover, learn for themselves and interact with new information in a way that will engage them, make them into participants not recipients.

So why am I blogging? I have to make a confession here – I find business development hard – it does not come naturally to me as training/facilitating does. I am about to hire a business coach to help me in this area – to give me some focus and to fill the gaps that are becoming ever so evident.

My biggest question is – how does a gifted trainer (and I am not just speaking about myself here, I speak for all talented in this area) become a successful consultant without losing what makes them gifted in the first place?

Simply, I want to help other trainers become inspirational and creative in their work so that they can stay interested and excited by this wonderful profession. I want to show them another way – other than telling, which helps people want to learn and develops a sense of shared responsibility for the outcome of the learning:

  • I want to work with organisations with large training teams to help them help each other to keep the ideas coming.
  • I want to work with freelance trainers to help them sharpen their skills and provide exceptional learning opportunities.
  • I want to work with process, financial, IT and technical trainers, who think that accelerated learning is just for soft skills, to show them that by using accelerated learning techniques,not only do the learners share the responsibility for learning but it cuts down preparation time for them dramatically.

So over the few months, I am going to blog, as a record of the journey I hope to take in this next chapter of my career. I want to further develop a successful career into something lasting and tangible for future trainers and facilitators. I hope that someone reads this blog and I makes comments – maybe there are others out there who feel the same way as I do? Maybe there are organisations out there who would love to transform how they learn and would like to learn more? Maybe I should not hold my breath on this one? I will only learn more once I hit the “publish” key, no doubt!

I hear and I forget. I se…


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